Skyling is a kind of ceiling for your home or office which is instaled on the previous ceiling without any demolition or construction could be designed to illustrate a view of sky,trees,flowers,or other natural scenery on the ceiling of indoor spaces to create a soothing feeling of being outdoors.the customers can choose and decide their favorite design to their taste inorder to bring the relaxed nature inside and feel being away from noisy city. Using this new idea in spaces such as Convention salons,Meeting rooms,Medical centers,Hospitals,X-Ray rooms, Pharmacies, Labraturies, Restaurants, Kitchens, Hallways and Lobbies can bring a lot of joy to the people and patients.

Skyling | virtual skySkyling | virtual sky

Skyling ceiling are designed in two steps. the first step is designing the structure and assembly and the second step includes graphical designs which are illustrated on the ceiling.these steps are performed by the latest technology in the hands of the skilled professional designers. Customers have the choice to view the output of design on a 3D model befor hand.In addition, the professional photography could be provided based on customer’s needs.



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Skyling ارائه دهنده انواع سقف کاذب و آسمان مجازی

تولید کننده انواع پوستر دیواری های سفارشی مناسب با طرح دلخواه شما به هر ابعادی