Virtual Window

Is recommended for the rooms has no any windows with uses of high quality images that included of nature, landscape, city sight, and… The thickness is important point to producing and installing the windows .crystal light boxes with 5cm thickness is much better than the ordinary one with 15cm, they are not in suitable shape(thickness) and view and not accepted by Architectures. These kind of light boxes use LED lamps that Laser engraving lead the light to the center of image also uses of LED lamps cause that low energy with high contrast view. Crystal light boxes can be covered by wood or MDF to turn virtual windows and with or without covering is suitable for Hospitals, Offices, Exhibition fair, Lobbies ,Waiting rooms and ...


virtual window skywindowen3 virtual window
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Skyling ارائه دهنده انواع سقف کاذب و آسمان مجازی

تولید کننده انواع پوستر دیواری های سفارشی مناسب با طرح دلخواه شما به هر ابعادی